The Fruit Of Eating Too Much

OK, I went and did it. I ate way too much dinner and am reminded of why I don't like to eat too much. Considering I skipped breakfast (dumb), didn't eat lunch (even dumber) maybe that's why I put three plates away at dinner. Ouch! Way too much food. I am reminded of the many posts I have written about balance, living a healthy life and taking time. Hypocrite, as it seems that my flesh just got the best of me. OK, I will repent, right after a bowl of ice cream.
It is written that the spirit and the flesh war one against the other. Right now there's a war going on in my stomach which is the consequences of missing two meals while trying to make up for them all in one. As our pastor would say: "We are all just dumb sheep". Bahhhh !!!!
Blessings, and have a great day.
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