Mysteries Of The God Kind

I think it would be fair to say that the Bible is filled with some mysterious, weird, and strange things. I could list many many scriptures that you might agree with me on. But to save some time how about chariots of fire, an axe head floating in water, a man named Elijah that killed 100's of men with a knife no bigger than a kitchen knife, the dead coming back to life, people drinking Jesus's blood, the sons of God that came from heaven to earth, saw that the daughters of men were fair, took of them, came into them and produced giants in the land, angels appearing in human form, a woman being turned to a rock of salt, and on and on ...
I love reading the Bible and I think back to those seasons when I devoured it day after day. It is the most interesting book I have ever read. It is also the most life changing book I have ever read.
Blessings are found in the pages of the Bible.
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