The Foundations Of You're Life

Jesus spoke of the man who built his house on solid foundation vs. the man that built his house on sand. One was built on rock solid foundation, while the other was not. Jesus went on to say that the house built on the solid foundation could withstand difficult times, that the winds could blow and the house would remain, but that the house built on sand would not stand and great would be the fall of it. Just imagine the endless situations and circumstances that this application could apply to.
Sometimes it's possible to start out on solid foundation and slowly be moved to unstable foundation. One way for this to happen is through compromise. We all occasionally compromise, however if we continue to walk in compromise it can cause a shift and that shift can lead to unstable grounds.
When this happens, we must examine situations, ourselves, and the path that we have taken. For it's easy to get off course in today's world.
There are blessings found in the straight and narrow.
Angelic Encounters

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