A Book That Offers Youth a New Perspective of life here on Earth - You’re Strong Enough by Kassi L. Pontious

A CBM Christian Author Press Release
October 17, 2013

Christian author Kassi L. Pontious of Alpine, Utah releases You're Strong Enough - written to the youth of today this unique book combines insights from her own struggles in life, giving hope and encouragement to those that feel hopeless and lost.  Through a series of quests, readers are sent on a journey to find true purpose in life.  Biblical principles are given through the genre of a warrior from a heavenly kingdom.

Engaging, fast-paced and thought provoking, each quest presents answers and practical advice on the issues and daily struggles youth face today – such as forgiveness, purity, perseverance and faith.  Inspiring, uplifting and insightful, this book offers real hope presenting wisdom gleaned from the Bible; this book offers youth a new perspective on life here on Earth, encouraging them to go to their Heavenly Father and find purpose and their identity in God.   

Capturing readers through the genre of a kingdom warrior sent to Earth, the writer has woven a creative adventure that sheds light to the dynamics of the Kingdom of Heaven, Hell, our souls and the spiritual warfare that one can experience in life.  Kassi is a talented writer that has gained much wisdom and healing in her own life by applying the biblical principles presented in her book.  She candidly shares her journey and offers others a nudge in the direction towards leaning on God.  With a strong desire to assist others in finding their true identity, Kassi L. Pontious, presents a wonderfully entertaining and informative book that is a truly amazing read.  You won't want to put down this one down.  Pick up your copy today!

 Be sure to visit Kassi at her webiste Kassi Pontious.You may find Your'e Strong Enough by Kassi L. Pontious at Amazon, and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to view Kassi's video book trailer on YouTube.

A CBM Christian Author Press Release


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