Fiction by Adrian Hawkes - Icejacked, Coincidence or Find of the Millennium!

Coincidence or Find of the Millennium!  Icejacked by Adrian Hawkes –

Fascinating and captivating, this work of fiction begins with a group of climbers that have been reported missing.  As the search and rescue team is dispatched, they are determined to find the lost group.  Quickly, the rescue effort is concluded, as the group has made their way down the mountain via another route.  Relieved, the rescuers head down the mountain and make an amazing discovery.  No one's lives will ever be the same. 

Finding an ancient human being encased in a slab of ice, Swiss PhD student Gerhardt Shynder is catapulted from his uneventful university life to lead the research team.  The plot gives way to a climatic drama as the ancient Roman is discovered to have a heartbeat upon thawing.  Known as Leddicus Palantina, Gerhardt develops a friendship with this intriguing specimen of a man and begins an implausible adventure that goes global and changes both their lives beyond recognition.

With 6 books in print, Adrian Hawkes, lives in multi-racial North London and has spent his life traveling to every continent.  His entrepreneurial philanthropy has left a trail of schools, orphanages, refugee havens and foster care support, from as far as Sri Lanka, Kenya and continental Europe.  Icejacked is his first work of fiction.

For further information about the author and his books, visit Adrian Hawkes.  You may get your copy of Icejacked at Amazon in hardcover, paperback or at Goodreads.  Be sure to visit Adrian Hawkes Blog,

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