In The News - Multi-published author, Vicki V. Lucas, releases Rancid (The Trap Series) Volume 2

An amazingly fantastic adventure series for young adults!

Multi-published author, Vicki V. Lucas, releases the long awaited sequel to Toxic --  Rancid.  As a fantasy fiction writer, the author has developed a series for young adults with a passion for adventure  – turning the impossible into possible through finding one's faith in Jesus Christ.  Her writings are filled with adventure, danger, and exhilarating sword fights.  Not for the faint at heart, Toxic and Rancid begin as a fast paced thrill ride to the fictional land of Eltiria.

Rancid (The Trap Series) Volume 2, published in November 2013, gives readers a glimpse of what life is like for the Kai, Taryn and Lizzy.  While the toxic water has been purified, they face new dangers, and treachery comes from the most unlikely places.  This adventure series is recommended for those that desire to find new beginnings when all seems lost.  Most importantly, trusting God in the midst of chaos and destruction will be the only hope we all have in this world. 

In Toxic, Vicki V. Lucas encourages readers to hold on to their seats as Kai, Taryn and Lizzy set out on a mystical journey on a winged horse to discover the source of the poison that is infiltrating the water in the land of Eltiria, threatening all with destruction.  With tales of huge, menacing monsters, their worries have just begun, as they will not stop to save their people from annihilation. Toxic and Rancid will challenge one's beliefs and are based on finding one's faith in Jesus Christ in a dark world.  

For more information, visit Vicki V. Lucas. You may get your copy of Rancid (The Trap Series) at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores. You may also get your copy of Toxic at Amazon and in Kindle Edition.

You may also find Vicki at FacebookTwitterand Goodreads.

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